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Definition of a Report

A report is any document that contains information arranged in a narrative, tabular, or graphic form. More than often, report writing combines the use of words, tables and graphs to facilitate better interpretation and presentation of facts. In report writing, the details must originate from personal observation, investigation, or experimentation and must also be based on quantifiable facts. Report writing must be done with extreme care and professionalism to avoid misunderstanding.

Types of Report Writing

There are countless types of report writing although we are going to stick to those related to academic writing:

Business report writing
 Research report writing
 Book report writing
 High school report writing
 College report writing
 University report writing.

Business Report Writing

Business report writing is done to majorly to present business information and communication to internal and external targets. Internal and external targets are organizational staff and clients respectively. Business report writing is wide in scope and helps business decision making process.

Research Report Writing

A research report is a document that provides information as a result of evaluation of the topic given to research. Research report is quite extensive and could exceed 20 pages, depending on the academic level. The report entails well explained information of the outcome of the research. The reports are based on facts and not just any other information. The topic should be well explained to make the audience comprehend. The ideas in research report writing should be arranged to achieve a non-turbulent flow of ideas and facts.

Book Report Writing

Book report writing is a composition of literature describing and summarizing fiction or non-fiction work. Book report writing is done after reading a certain book and evaluating it to come up with conclusions. One has to take time in reading a book before coming up with a report. Book reports entails all types of books this includes stories, business books and many others. Book reports are rather short and clear. The information should be written in brief but full of details of the given book.

High School Report Writing

High school report writing is an account given by high school students with regard to a certain event or subject. The students are engaged in doing research concerning the task given. After the research they are free to write the high school report. The reports are meant to enhance the students understanding of certain topics or lessons. The reports should be well written since they contribute highly to the grading. High school reports are of different topics and hugely depend on what the teacher wants. High school reports not only enhance the students understanding but also render them academic-oriented.

College Report Writing

College report writing is almost similar to high school report writing. However, college reports are quite longer and more detailed than high school reports. College reports can have a variety of topics just like those of high school. They highly contribute to the general marks of the student. They are administered to students to enhance their learning skills in different areas that they have been taught.

University Report Writing

They are written by university students in order to sharpen their learning and understanding skills. Tips on Report Writing
 Report writing must be based on facts
 Report writing encompasses a number of topics
 Report writing varies according to academic level
 Report writing counts a certain percentage of the grade
 Report writing must be accompanied with graphs, tables, pictures, and words
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