How to write an essay

This article teaches students how to write an essay step by step without any step being skipped. Custom writing an essay is tricky, but this tutorial will make things easy. In general, essays have a repetitive nature, meaning the introduction and conclusion paragraphs talk about the same thing. The most crucial details of the essay are found in the body. It is thus important to understand the need to identify the different parts of an essay to avoid mixing or repeating ideas.

The following are 10 basic steps to write an essay

1. Choose the topic of your essay.
2. Select the core idea, or thesis of your essay. A thesis statement is the basis of an argument included in the introduction. For example: The use of smart phones by teenagers has significantly increased cyber bullying..
3. Divide the essay into 3 sections: Introduction, body and conclusion..
4. Start the introduction with a very intriguing sentence like: The fall of oil prices has decreased the economic growth of oil-producing countries by 1.4%. This is attributable to the political instability across the Middle East that started in 2011 in the wake of the Arab Spring. .
5. The interesting sentence in the introductory paragraph becomes the thesis of the essay..
6. Each body paragraph must have an introductory sentence to connect to the ideas that follow..
7. End the introductory paragraph with a brief summary such as: The fall of oil prices has; therefore, slowed down economic growth amongst the Middle East nations..
8. Expand the body paragraph with evidence-based details and examples..
9. The summary/conclusion is a reverse of the introductory paragraph and it briefly gives an overview of the essay..
10. Restate the thesis statement in the conclusion. Summarize the entire essay in this paragraph. Do not include new ideas that have not been discussed in the essay. .

The above steps show you how to write a great essay. The tutorial has a standard format that accommodates all topics. It is also important to ask your instructor what he or she wants and ensure your essay is safe from plagiarism and grammatical errors. Whether or not you are a great essay writer, there is absolutely no shame in contracting a provider of essay writing service. There are many companies doing academic writing, but a handful of them can really deliver. To see more samples of essays, visit Prime Assignments