Report Writing and Dissertation Writing

Dissertation is a support document written by a final year student with a view of obtaining a degree. It consists of facts and research findings. The required complexity of a dissertation may vary in accordance with the country, university and program. Do you want to know the classes of dissertations? Like proposal writing, dissertation writing is complex. We got a staff of extra-ordinary writing skills to help you with report writing, dissertation writing, and proposal writing. There are several types of dissertations according to the academic level.

Undergraduate Dissertations

Undergraduate dissertations are used to support a candidate at the degree level of her education. They are carried out by university students. The document is formed of pure facts that have originated from research books and other sources of information. The information is usually accompanied by the author of the books. It is usually conformed to the topics under the studies that one is undertaking.

Masters Dissertation

Masters dissertation is a support document written by masters’ students at the masters’ level of education. It comprises of pure facts from books and research portals. The information contained is often accompanied by authors and analysts to proof the veracity of your facts. Different subject areas have different referencing conventions and support mechanisms concerning the dissertation. In some areas you might be required to choose your own dissertation title while in other areas you might be given a topic. It is important to check on your university portal to know the required procedure

PhD dissertations

The dissertations at this level meant to be in a more detailed format than the initial ones. PhD dissertations are usually longer and explain the thesis. It must be accompanied by facts which are proofed by evidence. The proof should be an analytical and critical presentation. It should not only be facts but also an original contribution. You will be required to set your own topic and at the same time choose your own depending on the university and the program created.

Medical Dissertations

The medical dissertation consists of a wide range of research paper topics. The wide range of research paper topics is due to the broad field the department is exposed to. Medical dissertation is essential for one to obtain a degree of doctor of medicine. The research work in this field is done with a lot of caution to prevent errors. Any mistake made in the research will render the whole research irrelevant.

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