Custom Paper

The entire process of writing a custom paper requires adequate preparation to come up with substantial results. It entails a broad procedure to acquire a custom paper that would wow your stern-faced instructor to give you a generous score. The content in the custom paper should be at the needed academic level in terms of format, length and language skills.

The major parts of a custom paper are introduction, body, conclusion, and sometimes summary paragraphs. Custom paper writing is as hard as report writing, dissertation writing, and admission essay writing. One has to take time to search for information and the right sources to use. Your ideas and facts should be well arranged to have a smooth flow, a show of quality and understanding.

How to Write Custom Paper

There are different types of custom papers according to topics and academic levels, but the following is a standard procedure for writing a custom paper.

1. Draw Outline

The outline contains all points discussed in the custom paper. The following is a sample outline for a complete custom paper.

I. Abstract…………………………….i
II. Introduction……………….1
III. Concept of Abortion………2
a. Definition of Abortion………2
b. Types of Abortion……………3
c. Effects of Abortion………4
d. Are the Effects of Abortion Reversible?…5
e. Should Abortion be legalized?…..6
f. What are the Exemptions for Abortion?..10
IV. Conclusion………12
V. References……13

The abstract or executive summary is usually 150-200 for a 1500-word custom paper, but can be higher for longer work. It is the summary that explains all details of the custom paper with conciseness. The instructor should be able to comprehend what is being said in the body paragraph.

2. Introduction

Start your custom paper introduction paragraph with a well-organized thesis statement. The thesis statement represents the main idea and what you are going to be arguing or supporting in the whole custom paper. Then follow the thesis with relevant sentences to make it strong, compact, and fulfilling.

For example, a custom paper arguing against the legalization of abortion can start with: “Abortion is one of the greatest causes of mortality and secondary infertility in women. Thousands of women and unborn children succumb to abortion considering that unplanned pregnancy among teenage girls is on the rise and that no girl is ready to postpone or completely abandon school to become a mother. Reasoning from human rights and spiritual standpoints, abortion is evil and highly condemned.” This thesis statement introduces the topic and shows what the writer believes in.

3. Body

The body of a good custom paper is mandated to have discussions that go in line with the thesis statement. Here, the thesis statement is supported with examples. With references to abortion, the following might be interesting things to talk about in the body paragraphs of your custom paper.

VI. Definition of Abortion
VII. Types of Abortion
VIII. Effects of Abortion
IX. Are the Effects of Abortion Reversible?
X. Should Abortion be legalized?
XI. What are the Exemptions for Abortion?
XII. Statistics of Abortion

5. Conclusion

The conclusion of a custom paper must reflect or restate the thesis statement e.g. “Abortion is one of the greatest causes of mortality and secondary infertility in women”. Continue to argue against the practice of abortion. Summarize all points in the body paragraphs and do not add new. There you have your custom paper with a look of brilliance!