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SCoursework-4 Main Reasons Why Students Fail to Succeed in School

1. Inability to Complete Coursework & Other Assignments

The trend for students to not complete tasks is beyond my ability to comprehend because most things are taught in class. However, students have different learning abilities; some are quick, some are slow and it is the responsibility of the teacher to understand the need of the student to pass, then, implement assertive measures. The parent has to act as an oasis of hope and encouragement so that his or her child does not quit school. And most importantly, students must know why they are in school and do their parents and teachers proud. 80% of the work has to come from the learners themselves. Be it a customer paper, a lab report, a project proposal, power point presentation, or coursework assignment, give it your all.

2. Fear of Failure and Lack of Self Confidence in the Execution of Coursework

Low self-esteem or confidence can stop a student from realizing and building on his or her potential. Excess confidence blinds the student on his or her weaknesses. Considering oneself unable to succeed is sufficient to prevent him or her from trying at all. Parents and teachers must know that children learn from their mistakes and encourage them to not give up. New skills must be practiced and repeated before they are mastered. Doing coursework without proper knowledge about what is to be done is not advisable.

3. Poor Time Management Skills in Coursework

When a student does his or her coursework at the 11th hour, the instructor will know. A rushed project or coursework scores little marks. The best thing is to avoid waiting until the last moments to do your coursework. Take your time to complete your coursework because this is why you are in school in the first place. Students have to develop good coursework and studying behavior while they are young. Graphic organizers, calendars, etc. have to be provided for the student. The student should also be encouraged to use these tools.

Do not defer studies due to inappropriate reasons. Sickness and serious financial constraints are among the legitimate reasons to seek deferment. What I mean here is no matter what happens to a student or to his or her family, deferment is the last option. And the last thing you can do is defer your studies because you have repeatedly failed to meet your coursework obligations. Most lecturers would give a zero to a student who do not do and submit his or her coursework on time.

4. Absence of Self-Drive

A student might have the potential to succeed, but still not do well in school because of lack of desire. The success of a learner begins with coursework. Coursework is what determines a student will excel or fail in school. It is such a waste of opportunity for a student to be brilliant, but choose not to work hard on the grounds that there are better things to do. Let me be honest, as a student there is nothing better to do than studying and doing coursework and projects. Keep the energy high and the fire burning – this coursework is as important as other academic tasks.

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