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A confident professor is a confident student. I remember my undergraduate school days when Prof. Andrew Johnson – literature instructor – first entered the class. He came straight to me wearing a stern face and asked me whether I knew what essay writing was all about. I pretended I was taken aback by his question, but Prof. Johnson noticed it. He could read the worries in my face and judged that the astonishment was out of naivety; I had no idea what custom writing is.

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He looked at me in the eye and in a low but firm tone he domineered, “Young man if you don’t know what essay writing is you are at the wrong place”. The class burst into laughter but I was not amused. He would go and say “Everybody does not know what essay writing is, so you are not alone”. However, what the meaning of his words were I had no hint.

In the middle of a smile he finished his sentiments by telling me that he would throw me out of the window from the fourth floor if I did not work hard. I was not the only one having confusion; the whole class was. He later on opened things up for us and said that we all had no clue about essay writing, but after the first session we would be professional essay writers. What! Professor Johnson became my best friend and he was generous enough to spill all essay writing secrets.

He taught us how to write an essay in his first lecture and introduced all elements of premium essay writing. What I didn’t know is the instructor was going to nurture a platinum essay writing professional. I became the best student in essay writing, report writing, research paper writing, and overall academic writing. My friends started to feel jealous but I cared less

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Now I am part of a self-motivated team at We are professional best essay writing UK providers and we have no reason to beg you to join the winning team. Results speak volumes. Hit us today and notice the difference you have been struggling to find.

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