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Business Strategy

Better a consistently applied mediocre strategy, than a series of ad hoc brilliant strategies.” ? Do you agree with this statement? ? Discuss having regard to ‘The Duck and the Lemonade Stand’ as a basis for yourargument. ? Theoretical concepts must also be included as part of your answer. ? Duck Reference: Some suggestions on how to answer this question (this list is not exhaustive). ? Your answer must be based in the theory and concepts taught in this course. ? As a minimum research requirement, the subject text book and required readings must be referenced as part of your research effort to answer this question.

Mahoney and McCue (1999) maintain that since 1989 various books have been authored to resolve the ever existing confusion about the choice of a working business strategy, but very few indeed explain the contextual, applicability and functionality differences between a consistently applied mediocre strategy and ad hoc brilliant strategy. Without any argument, there is a low level of deniability that the voluminous works on business strategies have enabled authors and consultants smile their way to the banks, rather than contributing to the knowledge base of business (Mahoney & McCue, 1999). Mahoney and McCue (1999) continue to assert that no business owner or CEO is prepared to go down without putting up a strategic fight. A strategy is worthless if it is unworkable and unfruitful. Under the docket of corporate strategy, investment bankers and academics have authored periodicals and traditional business press in a bid to help managers and entrepreneurs, but such efforts have seen differential performance results. In a layman’s language, strategy A can work well with managers X and Y, yet the latter can do well with strategy B; something the former may have nightmares with (Mahoney & McCue, 1999).

- Mahoney and McCue (1999)

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